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Learn to Play Super Hold'em Online

Learn to Play Super Hold'em Online

Introduction To Super Hold’em Poker

Super Texas hold’em poker is a variant of the popular Texas hold 'em poker game and shares the same characteristics. However, the difference is that players get an extra hole card in Texas hold 'em poker online. Therefore, instead of two cards, they get three cards to combine with the five community cards to make a winning hand. Download the Big Cash app today and join Texas hold’em contests to play. With over three crore players already using the Big Cash platform, you will always find opponents to engage every minute playing Texas hold’em poker. Withdraw your winnings on Big Cash instantly through Paytm or UPI.

Play Super Hold'em & Earn Money

Since Super Hold’em is a Texas hold’em game variation, it still follows the same rules. The rules players on Big Cash should keep in mind are:

  • Each player receives three hole cards, and they are kept private. Only the player who receives them can see the contents, not the opponents.
  • The dealer hands five community cards to each player with the face-up. These cards are issued in three stages.
  • Players will use the three hole cards and the five community cards to make one winning hand. They can use all or at least one, unlike NL Texas hold’em poker hand, which you can make from community cards.
  • The game is played in turns, so each player gets a turn. The players must contribute to the pot before and after receiving a community card on the table.

Like all poker games, Super Texas hold’em starts with the blinds. Two players to the left of the dealer (D) button will contribute some amount to the small and big blind.

The Pre-Flop

Once online Texas hold 'em, poker players receive their three hole cards; players will make their play. The available plays are:

Call – The player will equalise the amount of the big blind
Raise – The player raises their contribution to double the amount of the big blind
Fold – A player folds to drop their hand and leave the game

The game proceeds to the next round when players call or raise their contributions.

The Flop

The flop round in online Texas hold 'em poker starts immediately after the pre-flop. Players receive three community cards facing up. Players will use hole cards to evaluate the community cards on the table. In this round, a player has the option to 'CHECK". This option implies that the player will not contribute any amount to the pot but will stay in the game. However, they pass their chance to play to the next player.

The Turn

After completing the flop, the turn round starts for the Texas hold’em poker online. The players receive their fourth community card facing up. They still have the option to call, raise, check or fold. The game moves to the next stage if there is no winning hand.

The River

The river is the last playing round in Texas hold’em, where players receive their fifth and final community card. This river still presents players with the same contribution options as before. The contribution amounts will also remain the same as in another round. Players will not receive any more cards because it is the last round.


The game goes into the showdown if there is still no winner in the last playing round, "the river". The player with the best hand of five cards wins the game and takes the pot. According to the Texas hold’em poker rule, the players split the pot if a tie exists.

Straight Flush

A Texas hold’em poker hand is a straight flush when it has five cards of the same suit ranking consecutively. A straight flush with five consecutive cards from 10 to Ace is a royal flush.

Four of a Kind

This Texas hold’em hand contains four similar ranking cards and is the highest four-of-a-kind you can get.

Full House

A full house combines three-of-a-kind cards and two cards of the same suit (pair). These hands rank in descending order, and the highest three-of-a-kind wins in the event of a tie.


A Texas hold’em flush hand has five cards from the same suit in no particular order. If the cards appear in consecutive order, it becomes a straight flush.


A straight hand consists of five cards from different suits appearing in consecutive order. The highest card in the order will determine the winning straight when players tie in Texas hold’em poker online.

Three of a Kind

A three-of-a-kind hand has three cards from the same rank.

Two Pair

A two-pair consists of two cards in the same rank with another pair of the same rank different from the first cards.


This Texas hold 'em poker hand has two cards of the same rank without a hand value dictated by the categories above.

High Card

This hand determines the super Hold’em winner if players do not make any of the winning hands above.

Play Texas hold 'em poker online for free on the Big Cash app and win big. After downloading and installing the app, play various poker games and test your card game skills. When you sign up for a new account, you will receive an Rs. 20 bonus after verifying your phone number. Use this money to join any poker table from as low as Rs. 1/2.

1. Which is the best hand to play in super hold’em?

There are many winning hands in Texas hold 'em poker online, but a straight flush ranks higher. This is a winning hand with five cards of the same suit ranking consecutively. When a player gets this hand on Big Cash super hold’em poker, they win the pot prize.

2. Is it safe to play super hold’em online?

Yes. Big Cash is a safe app for playing Texas hold 'em and is certified by RNG. Therefore, your personal and transaction information is safe. The RNG certification also proves that the results are randomly generated.

3. How do I withdraw super hold’em money online?

After winning the pot prize in Texas hold 'em, the money will be added to your account. Open your profile cashier and withdraw through Paytm or UPI and receive your winnings instantly.

4. What happens if you fold in super hold’em?

Folding in super hold'em means you are exiting the game. Players who call, raise or check will continue playing the game, and you will lose all your progress.

5. How do I play super hold’em with friends?

Big Cash brings thousands of potential opponents against whom you will play super hold'em . Once you enter a tournament, more players will join your table before you start playing. Invite your friends to join the Big Cash app and earn referral bonuses.