All About Indian Ludo: Classic Board Game From India Now Available Online

online multiplayer ludo game

Ludo has been a popular Indian board game for ages. From the baby boomers to the millennials, everyone as a child had played the ludo game. The fun of capturing other’s tokens/pawns and making the players start all over again is a different emotion.  However, the classical offline ludo game was only limited to physical gameplay, which has now been elevated to online gaming with Big Cash.

Difference Between Online And Traditional Ludo

With the increase in computers and mobiles, people find it easy to download Ludo games online. However, that does not decrease the value of the classic ludo game. The online version has some differences from the classic one that you remember. Wondering what are they? Here is a detailed outlook.

1- The Roll Of Dice

Earlier, the player used to roll the dice by hand, and others used to keep a tab on the numbers. That is quite prone to tampering as well. But it was fun. With online gaming, the dice automatically roll on a single tap. The numbers are completely random, and no one can cheat. Thus ensuring a fair play game.

2- Availability of Players

One used to play with friends and family during holidays or vacations. Now, with online ludo, you can play with anyone across the globe 24/7 over a stable internet.

3- Game Pace

In offline ludo games, one can take their sweet time without any elimination process. But in online ludo, you need to be quick, or you will be disqualified from the game.

4- Prizes

In online ludo, you win real cash and will not have to share it with any other player. However, when things used to be offline, the winner often used to give a treat to others without winning any cash prizes.

Online Ludo Winning Tricks

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Here are exclusive tricks to help you win the game of Indian ludo when playing online.

1- Strategise Your Moves In The Game

Strategising your moves in the Ludo game will help you with a clear win. Strategies are important based on the ludo format and platform you choose. When playing over Big Cash, capture your opponent’s token and earn 2 bonus points.

2- Never Underestimate Your Opponent

Remember, you and your opponent are here to win money, so never underestimate their abilities. Give your best and cut your opponent’s token at your first chance. Showing mercy or being unmindful in the game will only diminish your winning chances.

3- Concentrate On The Game

Once you are in the game, try to concentrate and abstain from the other occupations. That will save you from missing your chances to roll the dice or move the token. Remember, three consecutive misses will eliminate you from the game on the Big Cash platform.

4- Make Use Of The Safe Boxes

Once inside a safe box, as per the game of Indian ludo, your opponent cannot cut your token. In total, there are 8 boxes in the ludo board. Try to place your tokens on the safe boxes with stars.

5- Follow Rule 7

Always maintain a gap of 7 boxes from your opponent player. As 6 is the highest number on the dice, the probability that your opponent will get one after a six is less. That is why it is always better to maintain a safe distance of seven boxes.

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Why Should You Play Ludo Online On Big Cash?

Download the Ludo game through Big Cash and win real money as a prize from the game. Also, other interesting attractions are waiting for you in the app. Continue reading to learn more.

1- Various Games

In contrast to the traditional ludo setup, where you can only play one type of game, you can access variants in Big Cash. Here, you can play Big ludo and Fast ludo.  

● In Big ludo, you can play the classic Indian ludo game online in variants of two and four players.  

● In Fast ludo, you get to play at a fast pace. In Big Cash, the players have a move limit, and you need to work fast.

2- Interesting Turns & Twists

While playing, you can go for 2 2-player or 4-player setup. However, unlike the regular ludo game, you have to be consistent in the gameplay here.

3- Easy Wins

You can earn real money in the ludo game. Select from the various gameplays available and focus on winning as you want. The best part is over the Big Cash platform, you can continue with a preferred withdrawal method – UPI and Paytm. The money will be reflected in your account within 24 hours. 

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Traditional and online ludo games have the same dos and don’ts for everyone to follow. However, the only advantage is when playing online, you can play anytime you want, connecting to players at a distance. In case you are interested in winning real cash, download the Big Cash app and continue with the game.


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